Cleanroom Signs:

withstanding continual cleaning with harsh chemicals. Shatter resistant & chemical resistant, made from 0.060 Polycabonate for durability and longevity. 

Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Tags Made   to Withstand Chemical Cleanings, and Corrosive Substances.

The 0.040" Stainless Steel Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Tags are extremely durable, made with limited exposed cavity to minimize bacteria growth. This product is made to meet all Government  standards   for the Pharmaceutical industry.

Usage : Used  for tagging valves, instruments, small piping and  cables..

Lettering Size: Vary to the amount of characters.



How to Install Cleanroom Signs:

All Cleanroom signs are made from 0.060 polycarbonate for durability. The sign should be attached to the wall with thin two sided tape and the edges sealed with Silicone.


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Gowning Procedures:

Rueger Signs make custom gowning procedures for our clients. The sign is made from 0.060 Policarbonate with information seald from the back to leave a smooth front surface.

Rueger Signs

specializes in  Signs, Tags and Decals for the pharmaceutical industry Identification marking products. We follow all governmental  specifications for our products we produce. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Pharmaceutical Signs